Currency Derivatives

Currency trading market is one of the largest and most rapidly developing markets around the world. All currencies are traded to a value relative to other currencies available. The best part about trading in currencies is that one need not open a new account or have different funds for this asset class. The client can use the margin money and collaterals across Equity, F&O & currencies on the same platform. No separate investment is required for currency trading. The advantage of small margin requirements and lower entry barriers makes it an important part of a retail investor 's portfolio. What 's more, one can trade in currencies through his/her existing equity account.
Currency Derivatives are also very efficient risk management instruments offering benefits such as:
Hedging :
Can act as a protection of an investor’s foreign exchange exposure in business and to hedge potential losses by taking appropriate positions
As a trading strategy :
Trade or invest on the short term movement of markets through Currency Futures, also take long term exposures to various currencies
Effect Arbitrage :
Take advantage of currency exchange rates in different markets and different exchanges by using arbitrage positions across markets.
Advantage of Leverage:
Trade in the currency derivatives by just paying a margin of 3-4 % of the total value instead of the full traded value
  • Option to trade in all instruments ranging from Currency Futures, Currency Options to Inter-currency trading.
  • Flexibility to trade across all exchanges - NSE-CD, MCXSX-CD & BSE-CD
  • No separate investments required - Utilize your margins and collaterals across Equity, F&O, Currency segments

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